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Planning for our 2017 Summer Season is well underway! Medicine Mountain promises to deliver a program that the whole unit can participate in, youth and adult.

Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch & Adventure Base is a Scouting paradise surrounded by 1.2 million acres of National Forest Service Land. The camp rests like a jewel in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. America’s oldest mountains rose above the surrounding flatlands 60 million years ago, about the time the dinosaurs disappeared. Even after eons of erosion the granite peaks of the Black Hills still soar as high as 7,242 feet to the dizzying heights of Harney Peak. The Lakota Sioux named the area Paha Sapa or Black Hills because a thick forest of pine and spruce trees cover the slopes, making them appear black from a distance.

The Black Hills National Forest offers numerous outdoor adventure opportunities such as hiking, biking and camping amidst stunning scenery. You will find grassy mountain meadows, towering granite peaks, deep canyons, cascading trout streams and clear, clean lakes. Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch & Adventure Base boasts a private fresh water lake stocked with trout, countless miles of local trails for mountain biking and hiking, breathtaking views, rustic serenity, access to local natural-face rock for climbing, and access to both public and non-public caves for spelunking and exploring. Scouts bring and pitch their own tents in forested campsites and dine in the comfort of their troop’s own campsite “patrol style.” The combination of our mild climate and 6,100 foot elevation renders us virtually mosquito free.

Our team is ready and excited to host your unit this upcoming summer in one of the most spectacular and historical areas that our nation has to offer. If your unit would like additional information or has questions, please give us a call at 605-342-2824 or email us at


2017 Season Dates

We recommend that units reserve their spot as soon as possible. Medicine Mountain can quickly become booked. To ensure quality program and customer service, we currently have a capacity of 400 Scouts and Scouters per week. Due to the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, Medicine Mountain will be only operating for 5 weeks.

Boy Scout Camp Week 1———-June 11 – June 17
Boy Scout Camp Week 2June 18 – June 24
Boy Scout Camp Week 3June 25 – July 1
Boy Scout Camp Week 4July 2 – July 8
Boy Scout Camp Week 5July 9 – July 15




Registration TypeEarly Bird PriceStandard PriceLate Price
In-Council Youth$245$270$295
Out-of-Council Youth$270$295$320
High Adventure Program Fees+$50 for each 2 day program
    1-9 Youth1 Free Adult
    10+ Youth2 Free Adults
Deposit$10/per youth & $5/per adult (minus free adults)


To lock in the early bird price, individuals (youth or adult) must make full payment no later than 11:45PM MST on March 15, 2017. Please be advised that checks must be post marked by March 15, 2017.

To lock in our standard pricing, individuals (youth or adult) must make full payment no later than 11:45PM MST on May 1, 2017. Please be advised that checks must be post marked by May 1, 2017.

Late pricing will go into effect at 11:46PM MST on May 1, 2017 for individual not yet paid in full. Walk-ins to Medicine Mountain will be charged the late price plus a $30 convenience fee.


Inclusive Pricing

Medicine Mountain strives to keep our Summer camp opportunties as affordable and simple as possible. With that in mind, registration fees include all program materials for all merit badges that we offer at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch. In short, Scouts will not have to pay additional fess to take any of our merit badges such as; Rifle, Shotgun, Leatherwork, Basketry, Woodcarving, etc. The Scout’s registration price includes it all!


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